‘Fear and Loathing in My Bathroom at 9pm’,(Solo Installation) Bush House Sessions #Xhibit, Kings College London Student Union, London, 11th February 2019

‘Fear and Loathing in My Bathroom at 9pm’ was part of Bush House Sessions #Xhibit, a series of art exhibitions at the Kings College London Student Union.

The installation included projected videos and continuous sound.



51984808_2254466698115923_7401930604813484032_n (2)

IMG_9807 (2)

52476628_2159803040708950_9049938122116169728_n (2)

52345608_404734836956947_856273855843401728_n (2)

51538283_394338391375770_4849269556109115392_n (2)

51644393_1337348206406992_6346519477894512640_n (2)

51666628_423942778350314_3751220699704852480_n (2)

51642172_253671682230150_8501216983029645312_n (2)

Installation without video projections

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