Acme Studios - Warton Residency - 029
Photo by Tom Carter, at Warton House, Acme Graduate Award Studios

Marylyn Molisso creates installations that explore the artist’s anxious relationship with her own practice, her apprehensions around temporality and the future, and her sense of ‘guilt that comes with being a creator of meaningless objects’. Molisso uses her old clothes, scaffolding, floorboards from her family home and bedding among many other materials to probe at the inherent essence of things. Destined to outlive their maker, these materials were intended for use but have now been warped into impractical creations, their meanings constantly in flux.

Marylyn Molisso graduated MA Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, London, 2018. She studied BA Art at the  University of Reading 2012-2016.  She was the recipient of the Helen Scott Lidgett Award 2018/19 (part of the Acme Graduate Programme).



For all inquiries please contact marylynmolisso@gmail.com.